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day in "the situation room." brooke baldwin and jake tapper take it over from here. >>> wolf thank you so much. good afternoon, i'm brooke baldwin here standing on boylston street as we continue this search for answers after this boston marathon bombing. now two weeks ago today. we're going to talk about next couple of hours about the parents here w we're the tsarnaev parents as there had been coming here to boston. still this elder brother, the the medical examiner's office. also, this afternoon, getting new details from ashleigh banfield who is here in boston. nuggets as far as what she's been learning from the beth israel hospital staff, when this younger tsarnaev dzhokhar tsarnaev was taken last week to this prison medical facility in deven devens, massachusetts, 40 miles from where i'm standing. but i want to begin with the wife of brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. her name is katherine russell. she has been questioned by investigators. we at cnn would love to talk to her. we're hearing a little bit from her attorney and we have seen some action today outsi
'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the national lead. th planning. the bomb making. the execution. could the tsarnaev brothers re own? according to a members ofss the answer is no. his picture has been inter butrí we didn't have any idea of what dzhokhar tsarnaev actually sound now. unguarded moment. the world lead. ghost money. tens of millions of u.s. reportedly slipped to the office of the afghan president off the oks. could it have ended up in the hands ofhe very enemies our troops are fighting? good afternoon. we're coming to you live from copley square in boston. on the national lead today, it's a thought entirely the boston bombing suspects have help plotting their vicious attacks? and if so real mastermind still out there it ready t ans, are raising thatility. they made the rounds on sunday ta tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev actedthink, given the level of sophistication of this device the fact that the pressure cooker is a signature device that goes back to pakistan/afghanistanhandled these devices theft that there w trainer. >> the real test omwf it, wh
here in boston. >> and i'm also here in boston, i'm jake tapper. we have reporters across the country who are covering these two stories here in boston of course the terrorist attacks and then of course the explosion in texas. all they could do was watch and then duck for cover. this is that incredible moment yesterday when a major fire turned into almost complete devastation for a small town near waco, texas. it's a chemical plant. it makes fertilizer. and it's surrounded by homes and schools. the fire is still right now burning. more than 60 homes were either leveled or badly damaged. and emergency crews are still searching for a few first responders who are missing. a few minutes ago we heard from the governor of texas, rick perry. >> to that end i am declaring mclennan county a disaster. we'll request an emergency declaration from the president. i also want to commend the hard work put in again by chief and his team at the department of emergency management, they quickly responded to this disaster. it is unfortunate for us that we face both natural and manmade disasters all too of
to remove his clothing and was taken in custody. i want to go to our jake tapper who is there at the scene to bring us some more information on this. jake, what information do you have? jake tapper, can you hear me? we're live on cnn right now. >> reporter: i can hear you. i'm sorry, i didn't realize you were talking to me. i'm standing near the intersection where the marathon, the boston marathon bombing took place. this is what's been going on in the last hour or so. first of all, there was a shooting at the campus of m.i.t. that's in cambridge. that is roughly about a mile, i believe, that way. >> just over the river. >> reporter: just over the river. there was a shooting there. an officer was killed there, according to local authorities. and then in addition to that there is a huge scrum of police officers in the watertown area. that is about four miles beyond where we are standing right now. right near where the boston marathon terrorist attacks took place. and the huge media scrum there. there are two suspects who have been apprehended. now, at this point we do not know if the two su
baldwin and jake tapper pick up our coverage from boston right now. >>> i'm jake tapper alongside brooke copley square for live coverage of the investigation and the fallout from the boston marathon terrorist attacks. >>> we're standing by now for new developments concerning the boston bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. so meantime, we heard from the president. he spoke this morning, held a news conference. and he warned that lone wolves like the tsarnaev brothers, that they are the new threat. >> one of the dangers that we now face are self-radicalized individuals who are already here in the united states. in some cases may not be part of any kind of network, but because of whatever warped, twisted ideas they may have may decide to carry out an jessica yellin joins us now. she's our chief white house correspondent. and jessica, in the back and forth with the president today, heard you press the president on some of the criticism he's been getting mostly concerning intelligence sharing before the attack here in boston, just boylston. if you would, walk me through tha
terrorist attacks? i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the national lead. the fbi turned uphi tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011 despite talking to him directly. president obama today defended the feds and suggested critics have political motives. his life was the last claimed in a rampage of terror in boston, but now the family of slain si "the lead" for an exclusive talk about the depth of their loss. >>> and thee unkept. president obama returning to one of his earliest failures in office and vowing today a new push to close the prison in guantanamo bay. >>> boston a city still recovering from the terrorist attacks from one week ago. the kind of evidence that could drive this investigation to a new level. within the last hour cnn has learned investigators found at least one fingerprint on bomb fragments according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation. we're told no matches have yet been made. anefor and after the attacks. we're going to get deeper into that. the president is also backing a review ordered by director of national intelligence james clapper to see wh
>>> good afternoon. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead" live from boston, massachusetts one block over from the scene of the deadly terrorist attack here. it's been the biggest question since the moment the bombs went off. who could have done this? within the last few hours, conflicting reports began rolling in, some claiming that a suspect had been arrested. we now know from the fbi and a number of other sources that is not the case. an official briefed on the investigation tells cnn investigators have visually spotted a potential suspect on video from the scene but we're told authorities do not know who the person is. there is no positive i.d. we expect more details at a briefing from law enforcement in an hour and will bring that live. we've learned the identity of the third victim killed in the attack, lindsay liu. the school confirmed her identity earlier this afternoon. 8-year-old martin richard and 29-year-old krystle campbell were also killed in the horrible bombings. 178 people were injured and at least 100 have been released from area hospitals. i'm joined by john king a
♪ that does it for me. i'm brooke baldwin live today in boston. jake tapper takes it from here. jake? >>> thank you, brooke baldwin. an act of terror on our soil. this city, this country on alert. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." there is only one lead today. it is of course cnn's continuing coverage of the terrorist bombings here in boston. we are devoting our entire hour to the newest developments in the investigation. to the victims, to the heroes, and to the man hunt. there are as of now no arrests, no suspects have been named, no responsibility has been claimed. no reason has been given for the senseless attacks. now we've learned the name of a second victim who died in the attack. her name was krystle campbell of medford, massachusetts. boston is in mourning. boston is also holding its breath as authorities chase down the person or people who did this. any shred of evidence from the public could make the difference. memories here are still fresh from the scariest terror incident in our borders since 9/11. >> we have a multi casualty incident here. >> reporter: just
the boston bombing suspects. i want to get to jake tapper live in boston. what have you you learned? >> reporter: according to a u.s. government official, talking to me, the investigators have been working very hard trying to get information from dzhokhar tsarnaev. what he has been able to tell them in these preliminary investigations indicates that, according to him, according to him, all of this information needs to be checked out and followed up by investigators, but according to him, the brothers were not in contact with any foreign terrorist group. they did this on their own. there was a big on-line component to how they were self radicalized. they watched videos on-line. they downloaded information on-line. they did not have e-mail communication, but they were very much self radicalized, self starters on-line. in addition, dzhokhar is saying the older brother, tamerlan, was the driving force in their action. that they were motivated by traditional jihad motivations. which is to say there is a religion and political component to why they did what they did in this twisted world
interview. thanks for watching. "believe with jake tapper" starts right now chblg. >>> it was a back breakup. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." south carolina's governor clears a major hurdle in his political comeback four years after he took a mysterious vacation. as of last night he's the republican nominee for his old congressional seat. can he beat stephen colbert's sister of all people? breaking news, north korea green lights a nuclear strike as they -- the defense shields. >>> and fewer than three dozen agents tasked with chasing down 20,000 dangerous people with guns, and that's just in california alone. how do you enforce the laws already on the books with those odds? >>> the national lead from the appalachian trail to the comeback trail. mark sanford is now the republican nominee for an open congressional seat in south carolina. the same state he ran as governor where he developed a reputation for fiscal conservatism, though he figured understood the cloud of an extramarital affair. he may have found a measure of forgiveness from voters in his victory last night with his former m
of authors have written about combat in afghanistan and iraq. reporter jake tapper has written content about one of the dead lose battles in the war in afghanistan, and iraq war veteran benjamin busch and brian castner talk about the combat experiences. this is an hour. >> first up is jake tapper who's a senior white house correspondent for abc news. 2003 he joined abc in 2003 and has reported extensively on war from both here in the u.s. and the middle east. of "the outpost: an untold story of american valor" is his third book. epeni it's an eye-opening account of one of america's most deadliest battles in afghanistan, so please welcome jake tapper. [applause] benjamin bush, actor, photographer, director, and a marine corp. offers who served two combat tours in iraq "dust to dust" weaves together his childhood, marine training, and deployment in the worst of the war in iraq. please become benjamin bush. [applause] brian served three tours of duty in the middle east, two as the commander of an an explosive di poe sal unit in iraq. when he returned them to his wife and family, he struggled w
for the victims, serious questions for the feds. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." we now know the suspected mas r er mind of the boston terrorist attacks was on two separate terrorist data bases lawmakers demanding to know why red flakes did not fly sooner. >>> also how the movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado saved lives in boston. the unexpected connection between the two tragedies. >>> and they were, quote, twisted, perverted, cowardly knock off jihadis. those were the vice president's words today describing the accused boston bombers. did he reveal too much by speaking from the gut? >>> a final good-bye to a fallen officer. the final life claimed in a rampage of terror. once again we're coming to you live from boston where a memorial for m.i.t. police officer sean collier wrapped up earlier not far from us here on the campus in cambridge. collier was gunned down in his patrol car thursday night police say by the brothers suspected of bombing the boston marathon. police came by the bus load today to pay their last respects and vice president joe biden spoke, evoking his own person
at beth israel hospital no longer haunted by his presence. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the boston bombing suspect now in prison, moved to a federal hospital. behind the walls of an old military fort, half a world away his parents are on the move too, but not to the u.s. he was maimed for life in boston but he helped put authorities hot on the trail of the suspects. hear what he saw when he looked into the face of tamerlan tsarnaev moments before the blast. >>> and we knew him only as danny. the man who police say was carjacked by the suspect and somehow escaped to tell about it, how he's coping after the most terrifying 90 minutes of his life. >>> good afternoon. i'm jake tapper. we're coming to you live from copley square in boston where thousands have been drawn to a growing memorial of the victims of the boston marathon terror attack. cnn learned from a law enforcement official that investigators are up to their elbows now in a land fill about an hour south of here, near dzhokhar tsarnaev's former dorm room. they're looking for his laptop. a source also says that i
continues now with jake tapper a brooke baldwin, here in boston. >> half a world away from boston, the parents -- the parents of the bombing suspects lash out. they say their lives are now in danger and their sons are victims of an elaborate hoax. >>> good morning. welcome to a special edition of i news room" live from boston. i'm jake tapper. >> i'm brooke baldwin. busy morning of developments. let's begin with investigators looking into a bizarre and fascinating possibility that his older brother, a devout muslim, with fundamental beliefs may have funded attacks by peddling illegal drugs. the father of dzhokhar and tamerlan say terrorists are threatening the family in southern russia. both his sons are innocent and that they were somehow framed. their mother takes it one step farther, she believes this bloody crime scene here in boston was no more than a lot of smoke. actors, she says, played the main victims, and the blood was nothing more than paint. this from the suspected bombers here. much more on that in a moment. first, russian president vladimvladmir putin urging closer
season will include scenes shot in hawaii. let the speculation begin. jake tapper, cnn, washington. >> season six of "mad men" begins this sunday -- that cobb would be today. it begins tonight. catch "lead" with jake tapper weekdays at 4:00 right here on cnn. >>> more requested mad men" talk. my confers with the star who plays one of the newest breakout characters. >>> a 7-year-old boy balloting brain cancer got to play on the field with his favorite football team. jack hoffman suited up with the university of nebraska. for a scrimmage game yesterday. he's met some of the players before and he won their hearts so they called him out on the field for a play. you have to see what happens next. >> he's got blockers out in front. listen to this crowd. as jack hoffman, the young man that as i mentioned has really been adopted by this football team has scored a touchdown. >> oh, my goodness. that's too, too sweet! >> both teams rushing to the end zone lifting him up on their shoulders! a nebraska told us the omaha world herald that the team came up with the play 30 seconds before it actu
and a constantly developing and evolving story on the ground right now. >> all right. jake tapper reporting there, bringing us all the information he can at this point. we do appreciate it. jake and drew griffin as well. at this point, at least we can report right across the globe one suspect has been apprehended in watertown. we understand he had to remove all his clothing. the fear, perhaps, of any explosives on his body, any guns, any ammunition of any sort. he was taken into custody. we understand at this point that the police are still active. this is not come to an end by any means. it continues into the night. it is 2:09 in the morning eastern time at this point. all right, i want to go back to juliette who is, as i said, she is living in cambridge. she has been in the neighborhood there where all this activity is taking place and also a national security expert. juliette, again, you know, it's difficult with all of the pieces we have. we're trying to draw them together, make some sense of this. it's very difficult. there's no official confirmation of any of this at all, but with your back
's jake tapper has learned that tsarnaev is communicating with investigators, and claims that he and his brother pulled off last week's bombing of the marathon and also that their motivation seems to be that of jihadists. cnn's chief washington correspondent and anchor of "the lead" jake tapper is with us this morning. and jake, what are your sources telling you about these communications. >> u.s. government source tells me that in these preliminary interviews with dzhokhar tsarnaev, and he underlines they're preliminary, all the information that dzhokhar is giving needs to be checked out, that investigators are not taking his word for it, but what he is saying is that first of all, there were no foreign groups involved in the attacks. second, he's saying that there is an online component to how these brothers were radicalized. they watched videos online. they got information online. there doesn't seem to be any communication, any e-mail with anyone. but that is how they were radicalized. and also, according to dzhokhar, and this squares with what we know about the family dynamic, and al
>>> charged with using a weapon of mass destruction. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the surviving terrorist suspect charged after facing a magistrate in his hospital room, the white house says he will not be tried as an enemy combatant. is that a mistake? we'll talk to a man who's been down this road before, former attorney general john ashcroft. >>> was there a connection between the dead suspect and a chechen terror cell? the fbi questioned tamerlan and take kaik came up with nothing years ago. two are arrested for a terror plot apparently linked to al qaeda. >>> a moment of silence all across boston today as 2:50 p.m. eastern time, the precise moment of the terrorist attacks on the marathon here one week ago. "the lead" once again coming to you live from boston. a magistrate judge visited the suspect's hospital one looking at one count of using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction in the u.s. and causing death and also one count of malicious destruction of property by using an explosive device resulting in death. if convicted, it could mean the dea
>>> it is the top of the hour. i am jake tapper. i am in boston, covering the capture of the suspect in the boston attack and the investigation into it. boston celebrates the capture of the last suspect in the marathon bombings and the town is trying to recover. they're playing at fenway park, boston red sox after postponing friday's game. but the investigation continues. now that the surviving suspect is in custody at a boston area hospital, however, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev did not give up without a fight. [ gunfire ] he and police exchanged gunfire as tsarnaev held police at bay in a watertown, massachusetts backyard. here is a cbs news photograph. he used a boat to shield himself in the final standoff. police say he was wounded, covered with blood. he was rushed to the hospital where he is now under guard. earlier we got the inside story on how the capture went down. wolf blitzer talked with the police chief of watertown in a revealing conversation. let's take a brief listen. >> we had a couple thousand police officers on scene. the turnout was incredible, the
live coverage of the investigation into the boston marathon bombings. jake tapper will join me here in just a moment. but after a week spent in the same hospital as many of the victims he's accused of wounding here, dzhokhar tsarnaev is in a new hospital today. this time he's behind bars. so all this happened under the cloak of darkness, overnight. he was moved from where i am in boston to this federal prison camp who holds detainees who need medical care. he will not be getting a visit from his parents anymore soon. we know his mother is wanted in the united states on shoplifting charges and his father, anzor tsarnaev has abandoned his plans to come to the u.s. to help with the investigation and to bury his eldest son tamerlan. we have learned an ambulance was called in for him last night and his trip is now delayed indefinitely. also today, there is a new push to piece together the final minutes of sean collier's life. m.i.t. is posting this on his website, asking for any information on last week's killing of the campus police officer. cnn has also just learned investigators are s
close encounter he caught three more fish in the very same spot. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >>> if you're in alabama it might be time to find the most secure room around you. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the national lead, happening as we speak, a deadly tornado outbreak in the southeast. homes smashed to splinters. at least one person dead and the danger is far from over. >>> in other national news, the argument about whether or not to start the argument is over. senate democrats joined by a chunk of republicans blocked the filibuster on gun control today and now the real debate begins. in just moments we'll be joined by west virginia democratic senator joe manchin here in the studio. he'll talk about his bipartisan plan for background checks that has gun groups up in arms. >>> the world lead. north korea pulls the equivalent of a pump fake with a missile raising it to a firing position then tucking it right back into the launcher. if it's our attention they want, they've got it. >>> good afternoon. the national lead, breaking news. a killer storm system is raki
. with me from boston is cnn's jake tapper. he's the anchor of "the lead with jake tapper" and chief washington correspondent. jake, a big development today. some real hard evidence in form of these pictures and video. i believe we have quite late breaking information ourselves at cnn. tell me about that. >> reporter: that's right. a source tells law enforcement source tells susan candiotti that according to the video surveillance, the two suspects stayed at the scene of the crime. they stayed and watched the crowd, they made sure the bombs went off, and then they walked away casually. this is one of the things that may have been of interest to law enforcement when they figured out who in fact they were looking for, is the behavior of these individuals as they walked away from the crowd. the law enforcement source also says that there is another video of one of the suspects leaving his bag at the scene, but that video has not been released, and this source says that's because they feared what might happen to that suspect if anybody were to come in contact with him. i don't personally
on boston from every angle. tonight, in boston, jake tapper on what dzhokhar tsarnaev told investigators today and brian todd with new details on where the bombers may have purchased their explosives. and david mattingly with new clues on what prompted tsarnaev's radicalization right here in the united states. and then, nic robber ton is going to travel to dagestan where tamerlan spent six months doing what? and new details on katherine russell. finally, here in new york, deb feyerick on tam ran's connection to a bizarre, unsolved triple murder case. i want to begin with jake tapper in boston. what have you learned about what dzhokhar is telling investigators? i know there's been preliminary interviews and you've been getting the nuts and bolts and details about how they have been communicating and what he said. >> reporter: that's right, erin. u.s. government official has relayed to me some of the news from dzhokhar tsarnaev in his discussions with investigators. we learned last night that he was talking about how there were no foreign terrorist organize sgra zagss involved, that his br
front federal medical center where dzhokhar tsarnaev is being held. jake tapper and brian todd in boston. and we have new virginia of tamerlan tsarnaev's wife. nick peyton walsh is in dagestan and london. dan rivers with an "out front" investigation on how terror groups are using social media to recruit new members. this magazine only available on line. first i want to go to jason carroll, outside federal medical center in devens. where dzhokhar tsarnaev was transferred early, 3:00 a.m. 30 miles northwest of the hospital where he had been held. jason, what do you know about his condition right now? >> reporter: well, what i can tell you is this -- his condition has improved. i think you remember on monday when he wasold about the charges that he was facing at his bedside, he was able to nod. when asked if he could afford an attorney, he said no. his condition has stabilized much more since then. he's able to sit up, able to communicate more than he was on monday. his condition has stabilized so much that u.s. marshals were able to handcuff him, bring him here to this facility where he we
it for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >>> the injury that pained us all. i'm jake tapper, and this is "the lead." the sports lead. louisville sophomore kevin ware suffers one of the most gruesome sports injury in recent memory live on national tv. joe theismann joins us with memories of his own career ending injury and his advice for kevin. the world lead. from the u.s. to japan with love. a member of american royalty gets primed for a post that is sure to please our ally to the east, but could it also signal the rebirth of a political dynasty? plus, our national lead. does someone have a hit list of law enforcement officials. officials in texas on alert after a d.a. and his wife are found dead two months after his deputy is murdered. we'll have the latest from a former fbi official. we begin with the sports lead and the moment when millions of people sitting if front of their tv sets let out an audible gasp. we're blurring out the graphic injury, but you don't have to see the leg snap or the bone break through. take a look at the playe
. thank you very much. we'll send it off to "the lead" and jake tapper. >> movie fortunes rose and fell with the flick of his thumb. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." our top lead, for decades he helped us separate the must see from the must miss. now in the last few moments we've learned that film critic roger ebert has died at the age of 70. >>> the world lead, north korea is speeding up the chess game and could put a weapon in the air soon. now while u.s. owe ffficiaoffic they'll dial down their own fighting words we wonder how real is the danger? the national lead it could become a new status symbol for status updates. facebook wants you checking facebook on a phone screen designed by facebook. >>> we begin with our world lead at this hour. all eyes are on the east coast of north korea where u.s. officials believe the communist nation may be preparing to launch a missile. the target? who knows? it could be a test to show force. the most alarming part according to a senior administration official i spoke with this afternoon is not necessarily the provocative behavior. north kor
'll send you to jake tapper and "the lead." >>> he'll speak just 50 miles from the horrific massacre in newtown. has he already been outmaneuv outmaneuvered on gun control. >>> the world lead. if north korea is trying to scare americans, mission accomplished. our poll shows that many people say north korea is a immediate threat while optimism for a peaceful solution is fading. >>> and the politics lead. add this to jay-z's 99 problems, congressional scrutiny over his getaway with beyonce to fidel castro's backyard. >>> president obama is in the skies aboard air force one planning to touch down in hartford, connecticut, where he's making a last-ditch effort to keep his gun control agenda alive. the president will speak about 50 miles from newtown where 26 people including 20 children were gunned down in december, as if you could forget. now nearly four months later, the shock has faded and so has the support for tougher gun laws. the senate will begin debating new legislation as early as this week, but the president doesn't even have enough support within his own party for his fondest
.com/brooke for all of our interviews if you missed them on the show. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >>> breaking news this afternoon. at least 14 people wounded not in a mass shooting but a mass stabbing. i'm jake tapper and this is the lead. the national lead. a texas college on lockdown at this hour. an attacker stabbing away seemingly at random at this fragile moment in the gun debate. could this have an impact? >>> the world lead north korea could fire a missile without warning according to the white house. what is the u.s. prepared to do? we'll ask the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >>> and the money lead. they'll teach classes about him some day in business schools. as an example of what not to do. the ceo of j.c. penney is out after taking the department store chain from bad to worse. >>> the national lead at this hour, the sigh fair campus of lone star college near houston is sealed off after police say a student went building to building stabbing people seemingly at random. at least 14 people are wounded. four victims had to be flown to the hospital and two
government and private scientists. that's it for me. i'm frederica whitfield. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >>> chicago mayor rahm emmanuel is with us this afternoon but i assure you, parents, there will be no cursing. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the national lead an nra task force lays out ideas to put a good guy with a gun in every school. ill xae mayor emmanuel how that is going to apply in chicago which buries hundreds of people from gun violence every year. >>> also in national news, cheating on standardized tests but not by students -- by the school officials responsible for administering them. now they're getting the ultimate detention in a jail cell. >>> and the money lead. if there was a traffic sign that represented the auto industry a few years ago it would be rough road ahead. did it take a little italian car maker to help turn chrysler turn the corner? >>> the national lead. it is an idea that could lead to kinderrten teachers carrying glocks, principals spending extracurricular time at target ranges. today a task force commission by the nra unveil
with you. great hour ahead with "the lead" and jake tapper right now. >>> all eyes on pyongyang to see that kim jong-un will actually do. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." we have two stories today you likely won't see much about anywhere else. one, the horrifying case of a philadelphia doctor accused of acts of barbarism. the other, serious questions about u.s. drones abroad. more than a decade after 9/11, is the u.s. now creating more terrorists than we're killing? >>> the money lead. it is like the biggest cable channel in the country, except it is not on cable. average users watch an hour and a half of netflix every single day. can the popularity last? is tv being changed forever? >>> and the pop culture lead, god help us, 1.5 billion people watched his video for gangnam style. while i'm still trying to get that out of my head, psy just leased a new single. does he have another hit on his hands or will he suffer the curse of the macarena? >>> we begin with the world lead. a huge mistake, that's what america's secretary of state says north korea would be making if it goes ahea
hours as and "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >>> we're one hour away from a scheduled fbi press conference with the latest on the investigation here in boston. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." words of solace for the victims, survivors, first responders. president obama joined by the first lady con soelg the city of boston in its darkest hour. >>> in texas entire blocks leveled, part of a small town reduced to smoldering rubble and a devastating chemical explosion. as many as 15 dead, more than 160 hurt, several still missing, and no one is sure exactly what caused it. >>> finding comfort in our national pastime. boston's beloved red sox wrapping up a stint on the road tonight and getting ready to return for their first home game since the attack. the intense sports rivalry between boston and other cities giving way to a spirit of solidarity. good afternoon. we're coming to you live from boston where president obama and the first lady have been visiting victims of the terrorist attack here. earlier they attended an interfaith service called "heal our
-- responsibility. what's your policy? >>> welcome back to "the lead" jake tapper live in boston. lives were lost and lives changed forever here but the city is slowly inching back to normal today as business owners, some who witnessed unthinkable horrors, came back to boyleston street to reclaim their shops and clean the streets. joining me now is dan donahue managing director of the hotel valenis which has served as a sort of command post for investigators at the crime scene. describe what's been going on there. obviously you haven't had normal guests in the last week but a different kind of t. had batche. about an hour ago we opened our doors. the first time for our 113-year-old hotel that we didn't have any guests on monday night. surreal. >> when is the hotel going to be up and running or it now? >> right now. as of 3:00 today. >> we've heard about the emotional toll, the physical toll. not to be crass, how much did it cost you to have the hotel closed or did the special guests take care of the money you would have lost? >> t is yet to be determined. we decided, we are a family owned hotel,
>>> chemical weapons are said to have been used in syria, so what now? i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." sarin gas has the power to wipe out thousands in a single day. now u.s. intelligence claims it may have been used on a small scale in syria. has the red line drawn by president obama been crossed? a second target. new york's mayor says the surviving boston terrorist suspect is spilling details about plans to kill more people in the heart of manhattan. >>> this hour president obama will be con soelg a small texas town devastated by a massive explosion. we'll bring you his remarks, live. >>> before we bring you the latest here in boston we have developing news on the war in syria. has the game changing moment for the u.s. arrived? defense secretary chuck hagel was in abu dhabi during a trip to the middle east and decided to break some news to reporters. >> the u.s. intelligence community assesses with some degree of varying confidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in syria. specifically, the chemical agent sarin. the president
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to fox news and jake tapper stood up, who are you to t >>. >> jon: remember this awful scene last july. 12 people killed, 70 injured when james holmes allegedly released a hail of bullets on an audience watching a movie. he faces the death penalty in that attack. the story has received a good deal of media attention. jonna winter faces jail time for doing her job. winter broke an exclusive story just a few days after the attack revealing that prior to the shooting, holmes had sent a notebook to a psychiatrist containing illustrations of a massacre and was full of details of how he was going to kill people. winter's story cited unnamed law enforcement sources and they say they violated their client's right to a fair trial and demanded she reveal her sources. it is up to a judge whether she has to reveal her sources or go to jail. judy you went to jail for three months to protect sources, what do you think is going on? >> i think the last print journalist to protect sources and i hope that jonna doesn't have to make that choice. we can't do our job without confidential sources or we will
ever. >> all right. lori seeing loaurie segall, thank you very much. >>> jake tapper will be back with us at the top of the hour and he'll pick up our special live coverage of the boston bombings. i'll be back with you later tonight. i'm don lemon. stay with cnn. [ female announcer ] the only patch for the treatment of mild to moderate alzheimer's disease is exelon patch. now with more treatment options, exelon patch may improve overall function and cognition. your loved one can get a free 30-day trial. and you can have access to nurses. it does not change how the disease progresses. hospitalization, and rarely death, have been reported from wearing more than one patch at a time. the most common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fall, loss of appetite or weight, application site redness, and urinary tract infection. the likelihood and severity of these side effects may increase as the dose increases or if patients weigh less than 110 pounds. people at risk for stomach ulcers who take certain other medicines should talk to their doctor as serious stomach problems such as
, and the anchor of cnn's "the lead," jake tapper. >> obviously, she got her pretty lips from you. >> reporter: those who lost limbs fighting in the wars in iraq and afghanistan are offering hope to those who lost himself in the boston terror attack. >> this doesn't matter. a change of scenery. >> for this woman and her 18-year-old daughter, they were at the boston marathon to cheer on celeste's sister. they were waiting by the finish line when the bombs that would change their lives forever exploded. celeste lost both of her legs. her daughter was wounded by shrapnel. >> i can't do anything right now. >> right now, yes. but i'm telling you with all my heart, you will be more independent than you ever were. >> reporter: this veteran, marine sergeant gabe ramirez, is a double amputee. doctors echo his optimism. >> almost all who lost limbs are walking the hauls with physical therapists. we are gearing up for a mass exodus to rehab. >> reporter: almost 100,000 have lost one or both limbs since the wars in iraq and afghanistan. some wounded service members are even returning back to the combat zo
was in charge of the worst jail in america. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm jake tapper in for erin burnett. the assault on america's law enforcement officers, the execution style killing of a west virginia sheriff on wednesday is just the latest in a series of violent attacks on law officers across the country. in the past two months alone, we've seen two prosecutors gunned down in texas and a prison chief murdered in colorado. what's driving this unusual spike in murder? we have the story "outfront" tonight. >> reporter: the murders are disturbing, four law enforcement officers, all shot in execution style in a two-month period. hundreds of state and federal investigators are trying to figure out whether the shootings in colorado, texas, and west virginia are somehow connected. >> we're not going to allow the lawlessness of a few to cause us a moment's hesitation in our efforts to make a safer and a more secure texas. >> reporter: security is tight as those who usually fight crime take measures to avoid becoming victims of it. terror experts track these types of killings. >> we ju
's not exactly what our chief washington correspondent, jake tapper, found during a recent war game exercise. >> hey, wolf, it could be bombs away any minute now in north korea, with the latest intel indicating multiple missile launches may be planned. defense secretary chuck hagel said kim jong-un is coming close to a dangerous line. so are we prepared? that's not exactly what we found during a recent war game exercise. imagine this, the north korean regime is toppled, either because the u.s. or south korea take it out, or because of a coup. and the sufficient now has secure troops to secure the country's stockpiles to make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands. it's a frightening scenario played out at the u.s. army war college, one that did not end all that well. the military set the scene for their war game in the fictitious land of north brownland. >> it was a family regime, nuclear weapons, lost control of nuclear weapons, the population was considered to be essentially brainwashed. >> reporter: a writer for defense news was present as the military officials debated the plans. u.s.
>>> it's the top of the hour. i'm jake tapper here in boston. this is a special edition of cnn newsroom covering the capture of the suspect in the boston terrorist attacks and the investigation. it's what we've all wanted to know since that horrible moment monday afternoon. police now say it looks as if the two bombing suspects acted alone. the investigation is still in high gear, but today people in boston can start trying to get past this terrible event. with four people dead and 200 injur injured, it it will not be easy to do so. [ gunfire ] >> a hail of bullets as the las suspect held off police in a watertown, massachusetts, backyard as seen here in this cbs news photo. he used a boat to shield himself in the final standoff. when authorities captured him, they found him wounded drenched in blood. the police chief spoke with wolf blitzer about how it all went down. >> we had a couple thousand police officers on scene. the turnout was just incredible. the support that we got from the state and from the region. so we had the tactical people to be able to close that scene down
to the russians to protect national security. it's up to our intelligence forces. so jake tapper, who i know we're going to be talking to later, his reporting says that it is very unusual for russian authorities to contact u.s. authorities. so why don't we take those contacts more seriously? >> these are people who devoted their lives to counter terrorism. they have to prior advertise. >> i so agree with you, amy. we have been living in a hyper-security environment since 1911. we have so much security. everything we do as private citizens is practically surveyed. going through the airport, where ever you want to go, not to follow up on this. the day after this bombing, anderson, we all got on the internet, we all checked youtube, facebook, we all saw all of this incriminating evidence. but they didn't carry on -- >> john miller, formerly with the fbi, was saying there's a 90 day window and if they don't find stuff, they have to legally shut down the investigation. >> if the russians told tm and they have reasons to believe that there was somebody who was radicalizes, the russians, who everyone
's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer. brooke baldwin and jake tapper pick up our coverage from boston right now. >>> i'm jake tapper alongside brooke baldwin. we're at copley square for live coverage of the investigation and the fallout from the boston marathon terrorist attacks. >>> we're standing by now for new developments concerning the boston bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. so meantime, we heard from the president. he spoke this morning, held a news conference. and he warned that lone wolves like the tsarnaev brothers, that they are the new
in chinese theaters. >> our own jake tapper shows how to sell a movie to the world sometimes you've got to make a little change. >> reporter: "ironman 3," hollywood's superhero based on the marvel comic book. >> what are you going to do? >> reporter: malibu mansions. >> go. >> reporter: air force one. it's as american as it gets. but this blockbuster is tweaking its tone to appeal to chinese audien audiences, too. making a second version just for them. china is now the world second largest movie mark behind the us, passing japan last year. with nearly $3 billion in box office revenue. and hollywood is taking notice. relying on experts for guidance. >> i encourage filmmakers here in hollywood and the rest of the united states to think about china and to really go after it. it's such a big, growing market that if all you did was make movies for the chinese audience you could do very well in the next few years. >> reporter: according to marvel the chinese version of "ironman 3" will include new footage feeti featuring one of the china's top actresses. the process of tayloring for internati
will be getting help from the one fund boston already collected over $20 million. our jake tapper talks with ken fienberg, the man who's going to distribute the money. he says it's not just about money, it's about people's lives. >> an important part of this as you've said is you meeting with the families, talking about how this money cannot make them whole. what else do you tell the families when you meet with them? >> first of all, it is -- when you meet with individual families in confidence private meetings, it's very emotional. mr. fienberg, keep the money, i don't want the money, bring my son back. bring my wife back. bring my husband back. i can't do that. you explain i can only do a small thimble of your tragedy, of the crisis you confront provides some financial help that may help you move forward as best you can. you do not begin to try and place yourself in the shoes of these survivors. it's very, very emotional. >> ken fienberg of course the man who helped distribute the 9/11 funds among others. you can see the entire interview today 4:00 eastern with jake tapper. you've heard by now
tsarnaev is talking, not necessarily with words. at least he's communicating. cnn's jake tapper, my friend and colleague, has key information from a government official that tsarnaev is communicating to law enforcement, claiming that he and his brother pulled off last week's attack and their motivation seemed to be that of a jihadist. jake is with us this morning. so good to see you. based on what your source is telling you, what did tsarnaev have to say? >> first of all, let's just say this is a preliminary interview with dzhokhar tsarnaev. law enforcement officials are cautioning this is what he's saying initially. they still need to check out all the facts and make sure what he is saying is accurate. what he's saying is first of all, this was not planned. the terrorist attack was not planned in conjunction with any foreign terrorist group. second, that they were radicalized online. that there was a video component to their being radicalized, that they were self-radicalized. there was not necessarily any internet communication. but they learned what they learned in terms of ideology, and
forgive me for that. >> you can hear from him live later on cnn. he talks to jake tapper at 4:00 eastern on out le"the lead". >>> right now, a drug trafficking arrest causing a stir in connecticut. dozens of arrests in the southeastern part of the state. law enforcement official tells cnn the investigation involved more than 100 targets in connecticut, new york, rhode island, massachusetts and puerto rico. targets include trafficking drugs from puerto rico and the dominican republic. news conference is happening this hour in new london, connecticut. we'll bring you more details as we get them here on cnn. >>> more than 3500 barrels of oil gushing through streets like rivers, forcing families to evacuate homes. now, exxon is assuming responsibility, telling cnn it will cover 100% of the costs. the pipes burst in the town of mayflower, arkansas, on friday. arkansas attorney general has launched an investigation into the rupture. >> most importantly to me i want to know what happened. i want to know what we're doing to clean it up and i want to know what we're going to do going forward to e
terrorist attacks and, of course, the explosions in texas. i'm jake tapper along with erin burnett. quick update on other news developing at this hour. first, the suspicious letters sent to president obama and senator roger wicker of mississippi. lab results are due any moment to confirm whether or not they were contaminated with the deadly poison ricin. initial tests showed that they were. police believe they have the man who sent the letters in custody. they charged paul kevin curtis with threats against the president a short time ago. curtis was arrested at his home in mississippi yesterday. >>> 46 senators voted no to expanded background checks, so the push now for gun control, 125 days after the horrific killings at sandy hook is, for all practical purposes at this point, we're going to call it what it is, dead. the legislation co-sponsor democrat joe manchin of west virginia vented anger this morning towards the gun lobby and its supporters in the senate. >> i can't figure why in the hell you're afraid to do when the facts are right in front of you to do what you got to do. >> if yo
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